- Senior High Clubs -






Art We belong to the art club. Our club has many members and they are all very active. For example, we paint pictures in oils and watercolors. We often paint absrtact art. We love art, because it is beautiful! We enjoy it every day.



Basketball - Girls

Girl's Basketball I am in the basketball club. We practice after school every day. We are devoted to daily practice, such as shot and defence practice. We love basketball!

Basketball - Boys

Boy's Basketball

Brass Band

Brass Band I am in the brass band club. We practice after school every day. We are practicing jointly with the high school students. 25 junior high school students and 34 senior high school students belong to the brass band club. We enjoy music very much.


Drama I belong to the drama club. We practice afterschool twice a week. There are nine members in this club now. We have performed the plays Sobaya, Time Capsule and more.

English Club

English I belong to the English club. I have club every Wednesday. We enjoy playing English games and parties. Last year, we enjoyed cooking pierogi and sweets. We also had a Halloween party and a Christmas party.

Inter-Act Club

Art Hello. We are the Inter-Act club. Our club activities consist of volunteering, understanding handicaps and helping someone in a poor situation. Sometimes we go to a kindergarten. Then, we really enjoy playing with the children. Thanks to those activities, we feel that we are growing up day by day. If you have the chance, please come to our club. Let's act together! We will welcome you.

Literature Club

Literature I am in the literature club. We are active after school on Tuesdays and Thursday. I love writing novels, because I can travel to another world. Everyone is friendly, so I enjoy it very much.


Judo I am in the judo club. We excercise after school. I like judo, because judo is an important part of Japanese culture. Judo is a very hard sport. We only have a few members in the club, but we enjoy judo very much.

Photography Club

Photography I'm a member of the photo club. We take pictures whenever, of whatever and wherever we like. We enjoy taking photos very much! Join us!

Science Club

Science I am in the science club. We experiment and research in the chemistry room every Monday and Friday. For example, we did a cut experiment of planarians and performed an inspection of a spectrum last year. We could observe planarians regenerate by looking at the cut experiment of the planarians. Also, we researched vegetation around the school and experimented with liquid nitrogen. Our activity observations are posted up. There are 10 members and 2 teachers in the science club. We like biology, chemistry, physics and the universe. We like science club, becuase we like science experiments and research. Do you like science?


Soccer I'm in the soccer club. We practice after school every day. I like soccer. We have three tournaments every year.

Soft Tennis - Girls

Girl's Soft Tennis The girls soft tennis club has 12 members and practices every day. We practice the fundamental parts of tennis in the first half. In the second half, the various forms are practiced. Otherwise, training exercises to improve power or mental skill are performed.

Soft Tennis - Boys

Boy's Soft Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

Track and Field

Track and Field I am in the track and field club. We have 50 or more students in our club. We are classified into four groups. They are: short distance running; long distance running; jumping; and throwing. We practice hard everyday for the interscholastic athletic meet. Daily practice is very hard, but we are doing our best in order to grow our minds and our bodies. If there is an opportunity, please come to see our practice.

Volleyball - Girls

Girl's Volleyball

Volleyball - Boys

Boy's Volleyball