- Life at KJ -

Daily Schedule


As you can see, it is the same for junior and senior students until 13:10. Then senior high students have their 5th period classes while junior high school students have cleaning time and English conversation.


Every day begins with a short homeroom where students are given the important information for the day. Each homeroom is led by a teacher from that grade. The teacher also checks if there are any sick students. Then, the teacher gives the students the goals for the day. The students read the daily newspaper and write a summary of an article they read. One student gives a speech about their summary. Students are also given the chance to make any announcements to their fellow students.


In junior high, all students and teachers eat school lunch. It is a specially planned and prepared meal. It is very delicious and healthy!

School Lunch

This is an example of a junior high school lunch. Lunches are served with either milk or a yogurt drink.

Senior high school students must either bring a lunch from home or buy lunch at the cafeteria. However, high school students can purchase snacks in between classes on the first floor of the high school building.


All students participate in cleaning the school. Each class is divided into groups and each group is assigned to clean an area of the school. Students clean their classrooms, the gyms, hallways, bathrooms and even the teachers' office.

English Conversation

All three years of junior high school students have an English conversation class from 13:45 to 14:00. During this period, students practice oral communication by performing dialogues, participating in interview activities or practicing pronunciation.