- International Exchange -


KJ is a school that aims to educate students to become able to respond to the modern world of globalization and technical information. Therefore, our international student exchange relationships are an important component of our goal to foster international understanding.

We currently have sister school relationships with three different schools from two different countries. Our first sister school relationship started in 2005 with Upper Yarra Secondary College in Australia. This was when KJ was still Odate Commercial High School. Since then, KJ has developed relationships with Kambrya College in Australia and most recently Gwangmyeong High School in South Korea.

We also participate in hosting short to long-term exchange students from different countries. Since KJ's inception in 2005, we have welcomed students from Sweden, Germany, the USA and Australia.

These programs of international exchange are important to the development of our internationally aware students.

- American Exchange Students -

Every year students from all over America come to Japan to experience life in a Japanese school. KJ gladly accepts around six students each year. The students stay with a host family for a month from about mid-June to the end of July.

While at KJ, the American students are experience many different cultural activities, taught by students and teachers, at KJ. They also get a glimpse of daily life of students in Japan. An experience one can only have as an exchange student. They join classes with their homeroom and participate in special English classes aimed at communication. The exchange students live with students from KJ and their families, so so they will also experience family life in Japan.

Students at KJ are very lucky to have such contact with students from abroad.

English Class
English Class Part 2

- Welcome Gwangmyeong High School Students 2013 -

Welcome Banner
Welcome Ceremony

On Monday January 28th we welcomed 15 students, two teachers and the vice-principal of Gwangmyeong High school to enjoy school life with us at KJ.

On Tuesday, the Gwangmyeong students got a chance to meet and talk to junior high school students at KJ. They joined the junior high students at lunch time for a delicious school lunch. After lunch, the Gwangmyeong students joined the third year junior high students' English conversation class to enjoy chatting and learning about each other.

Junior High English Conversation
English class

In the afternoon, the Korean students participated in some high school English classes to get to know some of the students by taking turns making self-introductions and playing games. After English the students played basketball and dodge ball with first year high school students.

Playing Dodge ball
Playing Basketball

On their second full day in Akita the Korean students went with their host siblings to Suisho-zan ski slope for a morning of winter activities. After school, KJ students introduced the art of tea ceremony to the Korean students.

KJ held a farewell ceremony for the students and teachers of Gwangmyeong high school. It was a wonderful event filled with an interesting communication game and dance routines by both the KJ students and by the Korean students.

KJ Student's Dance
Korean Student's Dance

On their last day in Akita, the Korean students woke up early to head to the airport. However, the students were able to go shopping for souvenirs and interesting things from Japan. Although the visit was short, the students at KJ were overjoyed to have students from our sister school come and visit. The students at KJ are looking forward to the next time they will be able to meet the students of Gwangmyoeng high school.

2012 - Visit by Kambrya College students from Australia

Students from Kambrya College in Australia came to Akita from December 9th to the 16th. Six students and one teacher came and stayed with generous host families. They enjoyed a full week of excitement at KJ. The Kambrya students joined many classes, had school lunch with the junior high students participated in fun activities and even visted two local elementary schools.

Welcoming the Australian students
Power Point Greeting

KJ's students were able to speak with the Kambrya students on many occasions throughout the week. The Australian students were able to join many English classes and junior high English conversation classes. During the junior high second and third years English classes, KJ students practiced giving self-introductions and asking questions. The students came up with many interesting and funny questions. The frist year junior high English classes were the students enjoyed a fun game of fruit basket. The students needed to ask a "Do you..." or "Are you.." question to play the game. The loser of each round had to give their self-introduction.

High School English Class
Playing fruit basket

Other than joining English classes, the Kambrya students joined a senoir high music class, an art class and experienced four cultural activities. The first activity the students experienced was shodo or Japanese calligraphy. The Australian students were given a lesson in basic calligraphy by the junior high vice principal while KJ students and teachers helped. The second cultural activity was sado or cea ceremony. For this activity, the students joined the high school tea ceremony club. Then the Australian students were treated to a lesson in Judo a popular Japanese martial art. Finally, the Australian students were given to opportunity to make Magewappa lunch boxes. Magewappa goods are made through a special process of bending local ceder to make various items.

Practicing Calligraphy
Practicing Calligraphy

KJ's students were very excited to have the Australian students visit for a full week. We look forward to hosting students from our sister school from Australia again. Further, the select students who will be visiting Kambrya College in March 2013 are thrilled to be able to see the Australian students again.

Junior high class with Australian students
PE Class

2012 - KJ High School Trip to Gwangmyeong High School

Near the end of the first term, 15 high school students travelled to South Korea to meet students from our sister school, Gwangmyeong high school. They also got a chance to meet students from Matsue high school from Shanghai. It was an excellent chance for students from Korea, China and Japan to learn about each other's culture.

The trip was filled with exciting events and visits to popular locations. The students went to the theme park Lotte World, did some shopping in Myeongdong and watched the popular musical, Nanta. The students also got a chance to try playing a gayageum, a traditional Korean stringed instrument as well as participate in a P.E. class.

Our students made strong connections with other students from both Korea and China. One student stated that he made some good friends and continues to email them in English. We all thank our wonderful hosts, the students and staff at Gwangmyeong high school and look forward to seeing them again.

Welcome to Korea
Lotte World
PE Class

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