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2013 - KJ Fun Run

starting line

October 6th was the annual school fun run. Students were challenged to run or walk a course that looped around the northern part of Odate.

The first year junior high students ran for 14.4kms. The second year students ran for 18.5kms. While the third year junior high and all senior high students ran for 23.9kms.

All the students did a great job and were rewarded to a delicious bowl of udon to recharge their energy.

A special thank you goes out to the families of the students and members of the community for working rest stations and cheering the students on.

2013 - KJ Senior High School Festival


The KJ festival is always a special time for senior high students. They work very hard every day leading up to the event to make sure everything is perfect. It is a day the students share with their family and friends from both KJ and other schools. It is a day they will look back upon fondly.

The school is filled with fun activities, performances and decorations. Second and third year students decorate their homerooms making haunted houses, cafes, or art displays. Various students organize carnival attractions for visitors to play. Others are cooking and grilling for the hoards of hungry guests. In the large gym, performances are constant throughout the day, ranging from dramatic plays, to dances and rock and roll shows. Even the teachers get involved by rockin' out on stage. It's a fun filled day for everyone.

Classroom Decorations
Teacher's rock band

2013 - KJ Sports Festival

Flag Raising Ceremony

This years sports festival was held on May 19th, at the Odate Jukai Dome. The Jukai Dome is one of the world's largest wooden domes and can host many different sporting events. So, it was perfect for our day of sports competitions.

The morning events for the junior high were the 100 meter race, the full class relay, the class long rope jump and the class Yosakoi dance competition. The Yosakoi dance is a traditional summer dance that is performed throughout most of Japan. After the morning events, parents and teachers came together to compete in a tug of war. The afternoon junior high events consisted of the joint junior and senior high equestrian race, and lastly the color relays for boys and girls.

Yosakoi Dance

The high school students' morning events were the 100 and 200 meter runs, the exciting obstacle course and the class long rope jump. The obstacle course had students spinning around a baseball bat, crawling under a net, picking a candy out of a tray of flour with their mouth and finally, balancing a tennis ball on a racket to the finish line. In the afternoon, male students from each class competed in the synchronized marching competition. The next event was the equestrian race with the junior high students. Next was the class tug of war, the ultimate test of strength. The final event of the day for the senior high students was the color relays for both boys and girls.

Obstacle Course
Tug of War

It was an exciting day of events and although winners for each event were declared and awarded, all the students gave it their best.

2013 - Junior High Student Council Introduction and Open Meeting

Answering Questions

On May 16, the junior high held the Student Council Introduction and open meeting. At this event, students were introduced to the leaders of each student council department and given a chance to pose questions to the council representatives.

2013 - First Years Welcome Ceremony and Club Activities Introduction

Welcome to KJ

On April 11, the second and third year junior high students welcomed the new first years to junior high. The senior students presented a skit demonstrating what daily life at KJ is like. The third years also gave a Power Point presentation about major events at KJ.

Club Activities

After orienting the first years students on the basics of KJ, the senior students presented the junior high club activities using a mixture of dance, athletic demonstrations and cheers.

2013 - KJ Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Stage

This year's graduation took place on March 1st, 2013. Three hundred and fifty students graduated from junior or senior high that day. The junior high students will continue their education at KJ, but they will be high school students.

The day was mixed with smiles and tears. Students were excited to be continuing on to the next chapter in their life, but sad to be leaving behind their high school or junior high days. All of the students will meet new challenges and have new and wonderful experiences.

One of the crowning moments of the graduation ceremony was the wonderful send off by the graduating classes' fellow students. The students performed a heartfelt rendition of the famous song fight by the aclaimed pop star Yui.

On behalf of everyone at KJ and from the surrounding community, good luck and like the song says, fight for your dreams!

2012 - KJ Junior High School Festival


On Sunday October 28th, KJ hosted the 2012 Junior high school festival. The students and teachers worked very hard leading up to this grand event. This is an important event for all of the students, but it is especially important for the third year students. This was their last festival of their junior high years. The event was filled with all sorts of entertainment for the friends and family that attended.

Food Menu
Student's Artwork

The KJ brass band opened the day followed up by a singing contest between the homeroom classes. The contest was judged by a four member panel and the results were given at an awards ceremony at the end of the day. The big prize of Most Valuable Harmony (MVH) went to class 3-2 for their performance of Blue Bird.

KJ Brass Band
MVH 3-2 Class Chorus

Following the singing contest, some students from each year came together, to put on a taiko (Japanese drums) exhibition. Afterwards, select students who participated in the local English speech and recitation contest demonstrated their English abilities by delivering their speeches and recitations.

English Speech

The next round of performances, were the dances by each grade level. The students all practiced very hard to perfect their dances which covered a variety of styles. The student's performances ranged from choreographed dances from J-pop and K-pop groups, to the traditional Yosokoi dance of Japan.

Yosokoi Dance

In the media hall, the English club presented a play, using scenes from classic Disney movies to teach English phrases. First, a scene from a Disney classic was performed and then key phrases from the scene were reviewed and practiced in English with the audience. Then students exhibited their singing skills in We love Music. Students from all grade levels performed various songs in wonderful style.

English Club
We Love Music

Back in the gym, students from each grade performed a drama entitled Real, about students dealing with bullying. The grand finale of the day was the chorus performance of all three years of junior high students singing Cosmos, a song written by Japanese composer Mimas. The festival was a great success and it would not have been possible without the hard work of the staff and students at KJ.


2012 - KJ Fun Run

Sunday October 7th was the 8th annual KJ Fun Run. However, it was the 40th run since Odate Commercial High School held the first run in 1972.

The conditions were perfect for a run. It was warm and sunny, but not too hot. The full course had students running or walking around the northern part of Odate.

There were three distances for the different grade levels. The first year junior high students' course was 14.4 KM and the second year junior high students' course was 18.4 KM. The third year junior high students and the senior high school students both ran the full course of 23.9 KM.

Members of the PTA and community came out to volunteer and show their support. Volunteers were set up at rest stop points around the course where they served drinks, Japanese pears and sweets to keep the students energized. Other volunteers were stationed at the school preparing udon for the runners to eat when they finished.

Congratulations to all of the runners and thank you to all of the volunteers and school staff for making this event a success.

Opening Ceremony
Rest Stop
Finish Line

2012 - Senior High School Festival

The senior high school festival was on June 17th. The students decorated their classrooms in a variety of themes such as wedding pictures a haunted house and a cafe. There was also a display of information about our three sister schools and the countries where they are located. In the multipurpose rooms various clubs displayed their work. The tea ceremony club was even showing demonstrations for guests to observe.

Throughout the day, many students were either cooking or serving up delicious food and snacks. The main menu included KJ curry and rice, meat udon, and beef rib rice bowls.

In the senior high 1st gym many performances were held throughout the day. The brass band kicked off the day and the drama club closed out the morning events with a stage play. Students performed dances from famous pop groups such as Golden Bomba and Girls Generation. Student rock bands closed out the event by performing a series of original songs as well as covers. One group even played a rock version of the school anthem.

Group Shot
Rock Band

2012 - KJ Sports Festival

The 2012 KJ Sports Festival took place on May 20th. The day began with the student parade around the track. During the parade, students displayed their class flags and unique greetings as they passed the VIP tent. The students showed their class pride as their families and friends looked on. The opening ceremony followed the parade with speeches from the principal and the student council presidents from both junior and senior high school.

For the morning events the senior high students and the junior high students competed in their separate events. The senior high events included: high jump; long jump; 100m dash; 200m dash; throwing competition; and an obstacle course. The junior high students competed in a 100 meter run and long distance runs of 1000m, for boys, and 800m for girls. The junior high students also participated in a Yosakoi dance competition which had homeroom classes competing against each other.

In the afternoon, students from both junior and senior high competed together in mixed teams with different color headbands. One exciting event was the "mukade" relay that had teams linked together by their ankles and racing around the track. Another great event was the equestrian race. In that race one junior high student was carried by three senior high students to a bag with bread in it hanging from a rope. The junior high student had to pull the bag off of the rope using only their teeth.

It was a fun filled day with exciting events and wonderful weather.

Senior High

Bread Race
Mukade Race

2012/2013 - KJ Entrance Ceremony

April 6th, 2012 marked the entrance ceremony for all new first year students for both junior high and senior high school students. It was a grand event with parents, students, teachers and representatives from both the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and local businesses in attendance.

This year we are welcoming 80 new junior high school students and 198 new senior high school students. Of the 198 new senior high school students, 118 are registered in our general course of study and 80 are registered in our commerce course of study.

Welcome Ceremony
Welcome Ceremony

2011 Events

2011 - KJ Junior High School Festival

The KJ Junior High Festival was held on October 30th. It consisted of a full day of performances ranging from singing and dancing to drama performances and presentations. Many students' families came out to see the wonderful show. The students displayed school work from all of the subject fields. There was also a student-run cafeteria and a shopping bazaar. The students and teachers all worked very hard to put together this wonderful day of events.

KJ Festival Group
KJ Festival Poster

Junior High Chorus

2011 - KJ Sports Day

KJ Sports Day

2011 - KJ Fun Run

KJ Fun Run