About KJ

  The full name of our school is Odate Kokusai Joho Gakuin Chugakko Koto Gakko. In English it means Odate International Information School, Junior High School and Senior High School. We call our school KJ for short. KJ is located in Odate City, in the northern part of Akita prefecture, Japan. The prefecture of Akita is part of the Tohoku region, the northern most region of the island of Honshu. We have four distinct seasons in Akita, spring (March - May), summer (June - August), autumn (September - November) and winter (December - February). Since Odate is located in the northern part of Honshu Island, we enjoy great amounts of snow throughout the wintertime.

  KJ was founded in 2005. The school was formerly Odate Commercial High School, but in 2005 the Junior high school was added and it became KJ. Now, when students enter KJ as first year junior high school students, they will receive six years of continuous education at the same school.

  We have many special events every year such as the junior high KJ festival in October and the senior high KJ festival in June. We also have a tradition of hosting a sports festival in May.

  As KJ is an internationally oriented school. We host students from other countries and also visit them in their home countries. KJ has a sister school relationship with one school; Gwangmyeong High School in South Korea. Through these relationships we have welcomed many students for both short and long-term visits.